Cycle Routes

Linda and Gwen have pedalled from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2017, and cycled from Dover to Cape Wrath in north west Scotland in 2018. Both rides use mainly B-roads, minor/quiet roads and cycle paths/routes and again the emphasis has been on a relatively relaxed schedule with comfortable accommodation to round off the day. The itinerary allows time to enjoy the ride, appreciate the scenery and visit any features of interest.

The Land's End to John O'Groats cycle ride from the south-west corner to the north-east point of the UK mainland occupies 25 days of cycling averaging 44 miles per day. It adopts a similar planning approach to that for the end to end walk. So in England it is usually to be found within a few miles of the walking route and the two routes intersect at many points. In Scotland however it is necessary to go round the hills on the available roads and dedicated cycle paths rather than being able to take advantage of the drove roads and military tracks which pass through the mountains.

The Dover to Cape Wrath bike route has 23 days of pedalling averaging 42 miles per stage. It starts in the south-east corner of England and keeps to the east side of England to reach the Humber Bridge. Over, the route turns north-west crossing into Scotland at Gretna Green and continues in this direction to meet the coast. Thereafter, the route stays on Scotland's west side, taking in the islands of Arran, Mull and Skye. The route ends at the iconic lighthouse at Cape Wrath which marks the most north-westerly point of the UK mainland.

Pdf files of the route directions for each of these rides are available: