Welcome to Brackwalks - Exciting new long distance end-to-end routes

The Concept

Having done "the usual suspects" of long distance trails (Pennine Way, Offa's Dyke, Coast-to-Coast), we were looking for other similar challenging long distance walks to tackle but as nothing on offer appealed, we decided to create our own routes. Husband Allan devised the 196 mile Northern Crossway from Arnside to Bamburgh in 1982, walking it last in 2011 after wife Linda's retirement. Meanwhile after embarking on a life of leisure, Linda set about planning her own long distance trek from Land's End to John O'Groats. Here, the aim was to create an inspiring off-road route which was significantly more direct than other off-road routes which normally heavily rely on the national trails. This journey of a lifetime, undertaken in 2012, clocks in at 1035 miles rather than the more usual 1200 plus miles. Of course...it's even shorter to take to the roads but then who wants to bore for Britain.

Travelling Light

As we're not in the first flush of youth, we like our creature comforts. So our walks are designed to average out at less than 15 miles per stage and to finish at points where B&B accommodation is available or can be reached by available transport. Setting off in a dry state in the morning is just one of life's little luxuries when you're out on the trail, not to mention carrying a fairly light rucksack.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this website - if you have any questions not answered here please contact me.